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Split entry facility in bank accounts

I want to be able to make one entry (say in my Credit card account) which has more than one category of item purchased within the same reciept.

I might have a receipt which has two items on it that break down into two categories, perhaps Purchasing 1x item of equipment and 1x equipment maintenance. Or I buy fuel at a service station plus a sandwich and can of drink, one category would be “fuel” and the other “subsistence” PLUS they might breakdown even further, as some items would have been charged VAT (the fuel & the Can of coke) and the sandwich would not. Please see the attached screen grabs I have taken of my Quicken programme

The first graphic shows the “OPENED SPLIT” entry, listing its contents of varying category & VAT rates. The second graphic shows the completed entry. With Quicken I could make a ONE line entry or CLICK “SPLIT” (You can’t see it, but the SPLIT Button is to the right of the ENTER & EDIT buttons on the 2nd graphic below) and then enter the broken-down detail as in the 1st Graphic above.

All down in one quick transaction!

FYI I love the old Quicken programme, It does EVERYTHING I need (including my personal finances so that I KNOW exactly WHAT and WHO owes me or I owe them!)

Many thanks
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jul 13, 2018

    Admin response

    Hi Jeremy, Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately this is not something that we are looking at adding to our bank facility at the moment. We encourage our users in this situation to create an invoice with the necessary separations included rather than creating this from within the bank area, thus allowing you to assign a payment to a correct invoice with the distinctions that you described.
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  • Stephen Barker commented
    1 Mar, 2019 11:24am

    That doesn't help if it's not an invoiceable item. Such as, client banking cheques from customers, for a road tax refund and an insurance claim cheque for example

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:22am

    I have had the same problems as Jeremy.

    I'm disappointed that you're not considering split transactions. I thought the point of importing bank feeds was to save time, but to put transactions through the PL is surely adding to the time spent.

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