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Names of the customers and suppliers on to the downloade vat calculation report. Currently, this report gives only the cus code instea of cu Merged

We download vat calculation report in csv, there is no customer names in it for sales list and no supplier names in purchase list what you get is customer / supplier codes.
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Anonymous commented
    13 Jul, 2018 10:05am

    Dear Julie Shepherd,

    I am replying to this email direct to you rather than through the link as I am rather suspicious of there being a possible virus attachment. I am sure it is alright but I am very cautious about opening links and attachments.

    I suspect you are asking for a vote on this suggestion. I am fairly sure that I myself made this particular suggestion many moons ago so it gets my full support>

    Best wishes.

    Jerry Lack

    Managing Director

    Logical Energy Ltd

    T: 0845 505 2012

    F: 0845 505 2013

    M: 07595 119039

  • Anonymous commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:22am

    I totally agree and would go further and suggest that Customer/Supplier names are added to all appropriate reports. It makes it so much easire for finding information and checking entries.

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