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Draft Invoices + Mark as Sent

Why is everything in Kashflow a 'use this workaround'? I have a handful of clients, and while working on a project I add to their invoice as I do work. This is getting in the way of already sent 'unpaid' invoices and also sending me alerts of overdue invoices when I have not sent it.

Using Quotes as a workaround (actual suggestion from your staff) just confuses things, this is the same poor mannerisms that Kashflow use to add Expenses to their system by using workarounds rather than just building a decent Expenses structure.

I love the simplicity of Kashflow, but handling Draft invoices properly is a very important feature of usability.

The expenses I can cope with, but no Draft Invoices is driving me crazy. As a web agency we stack up a little bit of work at a time and invoice monthly to most clients. This ends up with my Invoices page having unsent invoices and sent invoices mixed up. Its really hard to tell what amount of work I am yet to invoice for without manually adding it up.

Can you at least add a filter for 'unsent' invoices rather than just 'unpaid' and also add an option to mark an invoice as sent - I do not send from your platform as we like to send personal emails with our invoices (plus your email always goes into Junk, even with the SPF record set up). It would be helpful to view what I am yet to send.
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  • Jan 10 2017
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