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Make bank feed imports handle interaccount transfers properly

(More details with screenshots of the issue in support ticket #166302 - your support operative suggest I raise this as a feature request).

When a transfer is made between two bank accounts, both set up with a bank feed, a problem arises. Let's assume the transfer is between a current account and a deposit account. Importing transactions from the current account shows a new transaction (the transfer), and you can successfully use Match->Create->Transaction to import it.

However, if a bank feed run is then done on the deposit account, the other 'end' of the same transfer is returned as an unmatched transaction. You are then a bit stuck:

* Match->Create->Transaction produces a duplicate transaction, recording the movement twice (and hence giving the wrong balance)
* Match->Assign->Transaction would be great, as you could then match the transfer with the existing transfer transaction. However, as the transfer transaction has already been matched with the other end other of the same transfer, this isn't available as an option (even if 'All' rather than 'Unmatched' is selected from the menu).
* Leaving the transaction (i.e. not importing it at all) is an option, but is problematic as you then perpetually see a lot of transactions that need to be imported, and it's difficult to see the ones to skip.

In a scenario where there are lots of transfers (e.g. a daily sweep from current account to deposit account) this is pretty unmanageable.

Ideally I'd like a Match->Assign->Transaction to offer the other end of the same transaction as a possibility. An alternative would simply be an 'ignore' option (i.e. Create, Assign or Ignore).
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi Alex, Following our latest release, there is now an option to 'ignore' transactions. You can now therefore ignore the transaction on the deposit account so that you don't need to import the transaction at all. Many thanks
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