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Import Stripe Transactions Automatically

I love the automatic paypal importer, it saves me so much time! Stripe is an upcoming payment processor, and many people have started using it on their websites (me included). If we could have the same level of automatic transaction importing like we do with paypal, that would be awesome.
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Frauke Golding commented
    27 May, 2022 01:46pm

    I have never managed to get the stripe import to work. I keep meaning to attempt it again, but it is not as easy as the paypal one, as stripe seems to have more security in place to make it difficult.

  • Guest commented
    22 Sep, 2020 12:12pm

    Yes, I agree, it would be the most logical step forward.

  • Guest commented
    20 Jul, 2020 10:53am

    Come on Kashflow - the demand is there! I see a 3rd party app Stripeflow exists, but is it safe and "legit"? Anyone tried it??

  • Guest commented
    3 Jul, 2020 12:36pm

    Yes please please please - the integration with paypal is hugely helpful and but lots of people want to use stripe now

  • Katie Friel-Russell commented
    24 Jun, 2020 12:04pm

    This would be so helpful! please get on it Kashflow!

  • Guest commented
    10 Jun, 2020 02:18pm

    I agree. Stripe should be added to work the same way as paypal.

  • Guest commented
    2 Jun, 2020 08:37pm

    At time of writing 185 votes, but also idea KF-I-3199 is essentiall;y the same so there's another 55 votes. Why no acknowledgement of this demand?

  • Guest commented
    2 May, 2020 07:54am

    Come on Kashflow.....this would be a great feature!! PLEASE!

  • Guest commented
    5 Apr, 2020 03:06pm

    Please @Kashflow can you give a reason why you can't do this or when you may be able to?

  • Guest commented
    9 Mar, 2020 09:58am

    Yes please - this is a really key feature

  • Guest commented
    19 Jun, 2019 12:58pm

    +1 to this

  • Michael Smith commented
    7 Feb, 2019 07:43am

    Any news on an update for this? Stripe is great but importing and handling the fees is a nightmare in Kashflow

  • Anony Mous commented
    10 Dec, 2018 03:50pm

    Can't believe it's not been done yet. Please develop an automatic Stripe feed!

  • Ewan Gimson commented
    27 Nov, 2018 10:31am

    Please please add this feature soon!

  • Guest commented
    18 Nov, 2018 12:52pm

    +1 - automatic bank transfers are needed - this should be so easy to sort - what's the hold up?

  • Guest commented
    29 Oct, 2018 03:16pm

    +1 I also use Stripe and this would be ideal!

  • Guest commented
    31 Aug, 2018 04:23pm

    Any news on this?  We'd love to move to Stripe and would hate to have to move from KF to do so.

  • David Glover commented
    18 Jul, 2018 04:00pm

    +1 Need stripe transaction import.  Looking at other accounting solutions as a result.

  • Guest commented
    6 Mar, 2018 02:14pm

    Just walked this through with someone on the phone to connect my Stripe account and it shows that Kashflow now has read-write access, but stripe transactions are not reported in Kashflow!!!! What's the point? This is needed. Failing that I feel I need to flip over to Xero

  • Rich Mellor commented
    2 Mar, 2018 11:36am

    This is definitely needed - no idea why Kashflow ignore such a requested feature and decided that they don't need to offer any form of Stripe integration other than a link to get you to open a Stripe account.

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