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Linux is used everywhere by almost everyone

This is pretty simple to answer, really. Linux is used everywhere by almost everyone. At the small end of the scale, you'll find more Windows installations, true, but once you scale operations up past a certain point, practically everyone is using some form of Unix. Linux has largely replaced commercial and proprietary Unix for the vast majority of consumers.

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There are a number of reasons I think that Linux jobs might be in high demand.

First off, I would suggest that it is not Linux administration jobs but Linux knowledge that is in high demand.

Linux is a competitor and suitable replacement for commercial UNIX on commodity hardware (i.e., Intel processors). It has none of the large costs, such as hardware, support, and administration overhead. The cost savings in using Linux over Solaris is tremendous.

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Linux is also seen as easy to pick up skills for - thus the influx of ads for Windows admins with Linux experience. The employer is looking for a Windows admin and Linux admin in one - thus saving money in benefits and salaries.

Lastly, compared to Solaris and other UNIX systems, Linux is everywhere - so finding Linux expertise in people and resources is easy, and filling such a position will not take long.

Linux is a force to be reckoned with and has been taking a bite out of commercial UNIX for years now.

The server admin job is a thankless job in any organization. As long as everything is working, nobody knows you are even there. But the moment something goes wrong, you are neck-deep in trouble.

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To be a successful Linux sysadmin, you need to have programming skills: Not just with shell programming and Perl scripts - but also with other mainstream server-side programming languages. Because most developers are not aware of code vulnerability and it is your job to keep the servers secure.


  • pallavi patil
  • Nov 10 2021
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