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Move fleet cars between employees rather than having to delete and re-add vehicles per person

Employee1 has received a new vehicle mid-month and the lease on their previous vehicle has not expired so has been re-assigned to employee2.

In the software, once I 'withdraw' a vehicle from employee1 it is removed from the system completely. To re-assign the vehicle to employee2 I had to re-add the vehicle and find all of the cost values again.

It would be much easier to have a section for vehicles, like there is for employees, where cars can be listed and assigned to different employees by date. Vehicles could then be 'retired' once their lease has expired.

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  • Jul 28 2019
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  • Oct 21, 2019

    Admin response

    Hi Dawn.
    Thanks for the great suggestion. I've added it for review and will update you on any further outcomes as they happen.

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