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Reminder email on paydate for RTI filing where payroll detail has not been finalised.

Today I logged in to process the month 6 payroll and noticed that month 5, although completed, had not been finalised and, cansequently, the RTI filing was yet to be submitted.  I do not know whether this was an oversight or down to some other reason, such as lost internet connection, but I had thought the month 5 payroll was done and dusted.  As this could result in HMRC issuing late filing penalties I wanted to suggest a facility whereby Kashflow sends a reminder email if the RTI filing has not been made by the morning on the paydate.  Such an email would greatly reduce the possibility of this situation  occurring. I think it would be a welcome reminder to avoid inadvertently falling on the wrong side of HMRC and the system would be more highly valued. Many thanks.

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  • Sep 6 2018
  • Dec 31, 2019

    Admin response

    Hi. Thanks for your suggestion.
    That sounds like a great idea and is currently under review. We are looking at various options to improve messaging within KashFlow Payroll.

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    22 Feb, 2019 11:27pm

    I completely agree.  I was also given that impression before signing up.  The current support by email system might work for some people, but not for us, and if they don't fix it, it is unlikely we will be staying longer than we have to!

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    12 Sep, 2018 02:59pm

    I've just asked Natalie about the same control gap:

    Each month I’ve run my payroll bureau filing for each company and believed that I have hit the Finalise button for every company, so all filings are made before the 5th of the following month. However, as I click through the fairly manually clicking process to file each company I am missing finalising one company (totally random which one – its just human error) and then receiving a late filing notice a week later from HMRC.

    We need a control/check is available in KFP to alert users that the filing deadline has arrived and here is an unfinalised active PAYE scheme in their KFP account.