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Honorifics (Titles)

I have just noticed that Kashflow Payroll isn't very inclusive of all persons and there given or taken titles. It feels anti LGBTIQ (Transgender / Intersex) - Since 1985 the use of a wild card 'X' has allowed for people who don't feel or want to fall into 'standard/normal' titles. i.e Mr and Ms could use Mx as it is gender neutral. Which has, since 2015 been used for offical documents i.e passports etc.

Solution - either add to the growing list, which could go on for ever - or, allow for a option 'Other' and allow for the honorific/title to be typed in manually - this could cut the current list down to Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mx, Dr, Other..., Or just have it like the contacts section in the accounts side of things - manually entered.

  • Ben
  • Jun 3 2018
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    Ashley Scott commented
    11 Jun 09:18

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    We will certainly look into this for you. I have checked the values that HMRC accept as part of RTI submissions and this looks to be fine up to 35 characters. I will also need to confirm what values the Pension Providers accept in their Output Files.