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A notification if an email sent to a customer bounces back

Currently KF does log when an invoice is sent to a customer and to what email address. A couple of clients are not comfortable with the fact that if an email bounces back due to a mailbox being full or an incorrect email address is used there is no notification.  This would result in the customer not receiving an invoice and obviously a delay in payment by a number of weeks.

  • Tim Shave
  • May 10 2019
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  • Steff Davies commented
    16 Feb, 2023 03:15pm

    I'm having the same issue - customer service not much help. Chasing customer for payment and they haven't received the invoice - although the email log says 'delivered'

  • G B commented
    14 Jun, 2019 11:20am

    Same with a lot of out clients.  One has just abandoned the softwrae due to this.


    To make it worse the SMTP mail re-route option to get past this also does not work with Outlook/Hotmail.

    Clients have tried with support and got nowhere, so I gave it a try and they are correct it simply does not work on either of the Outlook settings (port 25, encryption and Port 587, TLS).

  • Amanda commented
    5 Jun, 2019 06:42pm

    We are having a huge problem with customers not receiving emailed invoices that have previously worked fine.  this is not flagged up till I am chasing them for late payment.  They apparently have never received the invoices to start with and are not receiving them at all when we re send.  Email address have been checked are are correct.