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Ability to split payment between a sales invoice and a purchase invoice

It would be useful if, when importing the bank feeds, a receipt / payment could be split between both purchases and sales.

I have a client who sells grain and uses self billing - their customer sends them the bill which details the value of the grain (the sale) and details costs incurred to make the sale (cost of sale). The customer then pays them the net of these two figures (i.e. the value of the grain less the cost).

In order to show this correctly on the VAT return (grain sale in box 6 and cost of sale in box 7) we need to raise a sales invoice and a purchase invoice. However, when using the import function the net receipt cannot be split between the sales invoice and the purchase invoice, meaning both the purchase invoice and the sales invoice won't be fully paid. The only way to pay these is to then credit the remaining sales invoice and purchase invoice with N/A VAT to the same profit and loss code, but this creates excessive work.

If the payment were able to be matched to both a sales and purchase invoice it would be much simpler. It would also be beneficial to have the ability to specify how much of an invoice you wish to pay (i.e. the bank receipt / payment may be paying off multiple invoices but not all in full).

  • Rhiannon Metalle
  • Mar 14 2019
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