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Bank Payment - Allocate to multiple nominal costs

Kashflow currently doesn't offer the equivalent of SAGE's Bank Payment option. Often there will be costs which come out of the bank, but need to be assigned to multiple nominal codes. Currently there are 3 work-arounds but neither are ideal. One is to setup the cost as a purchase invoice, which is unnecessary, and often there isn't an actual bill behind this. Alternatively, you can raise a journal to the bank, and whilst as an accountant this is straight-forward, for many clients/users, this is complicated enough.

The third option is to post all parts as separate payments, but this just clogs up the bank reconciliation screen, and isn't strictly correct.


I think this is a simple addition, where currently you can add a transaction, just give the user the ability to add extra lines to this payment. It will avoid the daftness of seeing loads of purchase invoices for immaterial costs, and make it easier for users to post costs directly to the bank.

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  • Nov 29 2018
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  • Theo Panteli commented
    8 Feb, 2019 04:06pm

    Got the same problem with Kashflow and all other MTD new software where it is assumed that all companies run sales and purchase ledgers. In my case I do the book keeping for a number of businesses which basically run a day/cashbook. In particular Cash and Carry invoices have different nominal codes required and the only way I have been able to get over this is as you say, with multiple entries and a lot of splitting of the invoice, or, getting the clients to split their purchases so that only one nominal code is applicable to that invoice, much to the clients' annoyance. Otherwise bank/cash reconciliation is a nightmare. Also if you have to make a change during reconciliation of a split invoice, the resulting correction seems to appear in a different part of the banking report making reconciliation even more difficult!

    Allowing a dropdown so that invoices can be split would make Kashflow the top accounting software.