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CIS needs an update

There are lots of fragmented ideas round this, hopefully this pulls all outstanding points to a single idea.

The CIS on Kashflow is woeful and despite assurances for years that it is in development all we get are interface "upgrades" we neither want or need yet the nuts and bolts remain inadequate.

The CIS tab for suppliers needs fields to record:

  1. UTR

  2. NINO

  3. Verification number

The CIS reports need

  1. Sub-totals by supplier in the specified period, the same way creditors and debtors do, to allow easy completion of CIS300's

  2. A PDS report to provide these to suppliers by specified periods.

It is ridiculous these are still not there, how hard is it to create a report template that picks up specified fields from the database.

Failing that give us a simple report writer so we can make make our own rather than the complicated PDF themes editor.

Having to transfer to excel then convert to produce PDS's, or pay a third party to write a bolt on application for such a basic requirement in nonsensical. Surely a simple pick an mix report writing menu is not hard to make

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  • May 24 2023
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