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New Dashboard and other Feedback wishlist

Who designs Kashflow?

Does anyone one ask users, particularly accounts, what would be good or bad?

We are constantly having "improvements" foisted on us which are as much use as a chocolate teapot but nothing of any substance changes. Kashflow has the potential to be truly great software, it is by far the easiest to set up and start using, but after that it fails compared to most others.

The latest dashboard is a case in point. To be frank it is rubbish. The most important figure to any business in cash at bank, yet on the new "improved" dashboard you have to scroll down to find this.

Other long term issues that are ignored are desperately in need of resolution, such as:

CIS - how hard is it to produce a report that breaks down subcontractors payment by subcontractor and tax month, ready to input on the CIS return, instead every month we have to dump to excel and format. It would also be easy enough to generate a PDS from this to generate.

VAT - why must the summary be split on calendar years, at least split on company years, but ideally just have a long list. Also why when you drill down does it take you back to the current return when you come out, not the one you were looking at. It would be really useful to adjust the dates to interrogate between as well, rather than just VAT quarters. We have to remember to download the summary at the end of the month so we can double check it balances when we export to IRIS to produce monthly management accounts.

Also, on the supplier set-up page, why no option for "Not VAT registered" with a 0% default, and when will the VAT number error be fixed!

Matching - matching payment and receipts covering more than 100 items is a pain in the proverbial, I have many clients that frequently pay off 150-200 invoices in a single payment, to have to match 99, over pay one and then "apply credit" to 50+ items individually is a chare and something that shouldn't need to be done.

Reports generally - why do fields get merged in the CSV export, it makes it difficult to filter when the KF reference is included in the field along with customer/supplier name, so you cannot sort by customer/supplier. Why not have the KGF reference in a separate column?

It is little things like this users needs, not something that is all style and no substance, we are accountants and bookkeeper, we are not stupid, we see through the smoke an mirrors and would rather have something that looks boring but works well .

Anyone else, feel free to add your basic unfilled requirements.

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  • Oct 12 2022
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  • Phil Strickland commented
    28 Oct, 2022 09:13am

    I couldn't agree more. I use a large screen on hi-res but when I turn on the new design it doesn't fit on the screen yet is full of dead space - why? And changing the display setting to 'Cosy' or 'Compact' makes absolutely no difference.

    We also struggle with errors and poor functionality yet this is what you give us. We raised a case August 2021 as the Trial Balance keeps shifting out by pennies and it has taken you until October 2022 to identify the rounding issue - wow!