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Opening Balance & Year End Journals process - simplfication

I find the process of posting Debtors/Creditors year end adjustments and opening balances quite strange. Currently I have to:

1. Post Journals in the usual way for everything except Drs/Crs

2. Post Drs/Crs balances to Suspense

3. Create a supplier called Creditors O/Bal and a customer called Debtors O/Bal

4. Post an invoice accordingly to each of the above showing their total opening balances


This is confusing to the client as it shows as 'overdue'. I can't turn that off as it will stop genuine invoices from showing as overdue. 

It also shows as a general customer/supplier.


I presume when next year's accounts are posted, I have to create another invoice.


Just seems very laborious! There are other types of cloud software that allow us to post a journal directly to the control accounts.



- Allow accountants the ability to post journals to Debtors and Creditors Control accounts, in any circumstance.

- Ability to hide suppliers/customers from the list, e.g. if they're old and cannot be deleted for some reason.

- Would be useful to allow accountants ability to edit locked transactions from a previous year (e.g. a password facility?)

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  • Nov 3 2017
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