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After software update, there is no way to manually enter the amount of VAT against a net figure when it is not 100% VATable

We have some suppliers who give a subtotal of all items (not broken down into the VATable and non-VATable items), total VAT and gross.

Previously on Kashflow, I could enter a net amount, manually enter the VAT and the gross would auto calculate. It has come to light that after a recent software update this is no longer happening. After entering the Net and VAT amounts manually and getting a gross total, the system is automatically recalculating the net and VAT amounts to make the whole amount either VATable or non Vatable, depending what rate VAT has been entered. I now have to manually add up what is VATable and what is not to get two separate totals where this information is not provided by the supplier.

Not having noticed or being informed of this change, it means I have had to go back through weeks of invoices to find where the VAT has been recalculated by the system. Some of these occurred before my last VAT return, meaning errors on my VAT return.

Please sort this out ASAP

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  • May 28 2024
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