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Access to Display Settings

Access to the ’ Display Settings’ is quite crucial when using the program for my company.

I see it can be easily selected from the Dashboard page (albeit it should have a more prominent button or look)

However, it should be accessible when you are in say the invoicing program. I have to change options in certain invoices for example.

Presently, once you are in ' invoices' you have to save what you are doing - then go into the 'Home' drop down menu and select Dashboard again and then select ‘Display Settings’ and then select what you need from left column listings.

Also when doing this - you don’t need to be asked to Update General Display Settings every time! It’s distracting. The left hand list that allows you to jump from one thing to the other is crucial for ease of access. Why make it so difficult and cumbersome to locate and use?

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  • Mar 23 2024
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