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Report Showing Individual Prices of Materials with Description

I need a report that shows individual prices of materials & quantities purchased & if possible individual Jobs as this would save so much time and i think especially with business reviewing their pricing structure this would be an idea opportunity for business to keep up with price increases/wrong/incorrect pricing from suppliers. When I create a Purchase invoice I automatically allocate my stock to Jobs so the Stock report is no good.

From the Business report I have run the activity report and whilst this is an informed report & does show the individual prices of items, it only shows them under type as Materials Purchased and not the actual material description. The other report that again does show individual prices is from Purchases, then Expenditure by Purchase Code, This shows a full description of materials but only shows the overall price and not the individual prices. The most important add on would be the individual prices and descriptions of materials purchased. I have attached a spreadsheet to show what would be on my wish list in Grey. Thank you

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  • Mar 21 2023
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