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Reduce the width of 'Disallowed' and 'Vat rate' columns

I've noticed that an extra column has been added to invoices and purchases orders, headed 'Disallowed'. Kashflow has explained the reason for the addition of 'Disallowed' but this column, along with the 'VAT rate' column are unusually wide in comparison to the other columns. They are very annoying taking up so much room when setting up invoices and POs. So much so, that you cannot view the full sum in the 'Rate' column. For example, see the attachment. The 'rate' typed is £1,415.00 but you cannot see it all until you move to the next screen/page. (BTW, I do view my screen in maximum.) I'd be most grateful if an adjustment can be made ot the default column widths.

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  • Dec 1 2022
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