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Reduce font on new design

Even on my main pc, a lot of the new design is unusable as the font size is so large - for example, the drop down menus may show 2 or 3 options before dropping off the bottom of the screen. Typing a selection from the drop-down also does not work beyond the first letter, so making it hard.

  • Rich Mellor
  • Oct 6 2022
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  • Christina Spencer commented
    4 Oct, 2023 12:57pm

    The new screen design is (imo, and I develop for web) poor. Am opening a related idea showing impact of new design on editing sales invoices. Improving performance is good but if its at the expense of usability it doesn't actually help users..

  • Admin
    Masih Ahmed commented
    7 Oct, 2022 09:59am

    Please raise a support ticket and attach a screenshot so we can investigate further.