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Unintegrated Bank account for USD

Due to changing world of unstable currencies I have been left with no alternative but to trade internationally in USD which includes me opening a USD bank account. My main business is still here in the UK but as a small sme I am unable to continue to take the hit of the volatile markets. I now find that after 10 years with Kashflow I may have to leave as they can not support any payments coming into my business as USD. I don’t want bank Integration or any fancy programming to achieve this. Just the ability to be able to accept a payment for an invoice that Kashflow has allowed me to create in USD, to be paid for in USD and the payment just drop into a bank account that instead of having a £ has $. This could even be reported separately.

If this simple request is not possible. I sadly will have to find alternative accounting software :((

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  • Oct 6 2022
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