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Delivery dates on Estimates (quotes)

As a service provider, I need to send an estimate for the cost of work and either the customer defines the delivery date or I tell them when I can provide it. Even if I change it in the form, the PDF that is sent to the customer has the default period (e.g. Estimate valid for 30 days). That's utterly useless to me because my estimates are usually valid indefinitely & what I want to communicate is the agreed or proposed delivery date.

Even if you leave in the "valid for ..." field (but make it something that can be changed for each estimate, a default value is as bad as nothing at all), please add a delivery date that is actually shown on the PDF.

At the moment I add it as a note, but then I can't sort by it. And I'd like to be able to sort / filter estimates by delivery date

  • L Smith
  • Oct 27 2020
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