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Add net/gross/vat columns to purchase view

Can you add Net/Gross/VAT columns on the Purchase view?

I use rules for when I'm importing transactions eg from my credit card statement. Once they're imported, I have to go to the Purchase tab, then scroll down and open each one individually to check the VAT is right.

If you added Net/Gross/VAT columns, if I could see the VAT on this view I could just scan through and open the ones that didn’t seem right.

  • Gavin
  • Jul 24 2020
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  • Gavin commented
    30 Jul, 2020 02:07pm

    Great, yes, this is totally what I'm asking for. Sorry, I misunderstood your first comment.

    We don't use POs, as much of our materials purchased are small items. Having this view on Purchases would be great.

  • KashFlow Product Team commented
    30 Jul, 2020 02:03pm

    Hi Gavin,

    Below is a screenshot of what we have recently released in the new Purchase Orders section. As you can see the amount is split out as you are requesting. We are working on doing the same for the Purchases area which will address your request so please bear with us as we look to release this as soon as possible.

    KashFlow Product Team

  • Gavin commented
    30 Jul, 2020 01:58pm

    Don't know about the PO area. I'm talking about when you look at the list of purchases. You only have with vat in the column (circled). I want net and gross as well please.

  • KashFlow Product Team commented
    30 Jul, 2020 01:50pm

    Hi Gavin,

    If you refer to the new Purchase Orders area in KashFlow you will notice an updated user interface in which we split out Sub Total, VAT Amount and Total on the listing page. I believe this is what you are requesting for Purchases right?

    Rest assured we are working on updating the Quotes, Invoices and Purchases areas to make them consistent with the new user interface in the Purchase Orders section. To summarise, if I have interpreted your request correctly then it is in the pipeline.