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Prepare a proper Bank Reconciliation report

I would rather have a traditional bank reconciliation report where it lists the unreconciled receipts and payments.  You have copied the Sage "Statement Report" method and its pointless.



Balance per Bank Statement

Add:  Unreconciled Receipts (listed somewhere on the report)

Less:  Unreconciled Payments (again listed somewhere)

Balance per Kashflow TB.


I'm not interested in the items I have reconciled - I just ticked them off.  I want to see the items I didn't reconcile.  This type of bank reconciliation will also be a lot smaller to print.


Add insult to injury, the Unreconciled Items report is just awful.  Date takes up 2/3 of screen and comment/detail get a tiny column, you have to use the browser print as it does not have a button and you can't even export.  It also does not distinguish between separate bank accounts.

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  • Feb 7 2020
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