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Fix to show the Top Line item in the list for of Invoices , Purchases, Journals, Projects, Quotes etc



 My primary  screen is a dell laptop hence the screen is slightly shorter than a standard screen.

I access  KF in Chrome

I have the resolution set to 1920 x 1080 with text magnified to 125%


On the laptop even with the screen maximised to the full screen,  only a small portion the top line of all transaction lists for Invoices , Purchases, Journals, Projects, Quotes etc is shown regardless of whether I select All items or 10  from the drop box.


However the top line shows correctly on a standard screen. 


I think that the problem  is caused by the line wrapping of status on the laptop display versus the full sized screen. 


I have produced an image showing how the invoice screen is displayed on the laptop and desktop side by side


 This is more than a trivial display issue as  inexperienced users of Kashflow, who are unaware of this  issue are likely to create duplicate transactions in invoices, purchases and journals

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  • Aug 21 2019
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