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How to split 1 invoice between multiple projects??

Can somebody help me to find a way where I can split 1 invoice between multiple projects to calculate the estimated cost per project. 

Let suppose a company hire 2 driver to work for them. there are 2 projects that are in progress: Project A and Project B. Both the employee will be working 40hrs in a week. Employee 1 works 13 hours on Project A and 27 hrs on Project B. Whereas Employee 2 will work 15hrs on Project A and 25 hrs on Project B. 

My question is: Can I calculate all estimated cost of single project individually???

  • Sehrish Atif
  • Aug 14 2019
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  • Admin
    Julie Shepherd commented
    14 Aug 09:13

    Hi, line items on invoices and purchases can be assigned to different Projects so provided you create separate line items, these will be split out to the different projects and be reflected on each project appropriately.

  • Sehrish Atif commented
    14 Aug 10:46

    Hi… Thanks for replying but unfortunately there is no option given on line items of the invoice that could be used to assign each line item to separate projects. 


  • Admin
    Julie Shepherd commented
    14 Aug 10:55

    Hi Sehrish, there should be a column called Projects when creating or editing invoices or purchases as shown highlighted here on an invoice:

    If this is not showing for you, please contact and one of our Support people can help you to set it up.

  • Sehrish Atif commented
    14 Aug 11:12

    Yeah.. found it....Thank you soo much for your help....!!!

  • Sehrish Atif commented
    14 Aug 11:52

    I have another question for you.  How do I split the pay of 1 employee among different projects? for example an electrician works for 1 month on 5 different projects. how do we calculate his efficiency based on individual projects. 

    P.s: I'm so sorry for bothering you with all these questions but I am really confused. 

  • Admin
    Julie Shepherd commented
    14 Aug 12:10

    I'm sorry I can't answer that for you, - perhaps your accountant could advise you.