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have on/off button to include / not include 'United Kingdom' for every address

Kash-flow automatically adds a 'country of origin' in the address box for sales or supplier contacts.   When trading within the UK this is an unnecessary addition which sounds pompous to say the least!   Everyone knows that West Bromwich is in England let alone United Kingdom and the extra line that has to be printed out is both time consuming unnecessarily and takes up valuable space in the window of the envelope.   Add another United Kingdom if the delivery address is different ti the billing address and we are nearly into a second page for our invoice!   Let us Kash-flow operators enjoy the luxury of being able to have as a matter of default the option  of NOT having United Kingdom added to every address - its irritating, impractical and pompous.   Further more it doesn't achieve anything!

  • Ray Taylor
  • Mar 8 2019
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  • G B commented
    September 12, 2019 07:41

    I've had quite a few clients complain about the 'United Kingdom' being forced onto invoices and statements.