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New VAT Return

Now that the VAT return is presented in a format similar to that of Sage which splits the NET and VAT per the boxes instead of having the NET and VAT side by side on the details.  It would be beneficial to have something that would uniquely identify each transaction without having to have KF purchases created for everything.  For example if an item is posted direct from the bank, there is currently no reference at all.  If a Transaction ID / Number could pull through then at least you could tie up the VAT with the NET with ease and without having to create KF purchases for everything.   Is this something that you would look to bring in.  A comparison to Sage is the Transaction Number which is available on most reports you take from Sage.  Thanks

  • Lynsey Thomson
  • Jan 25 2019
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  • G B commented
    3 Aug, 2020 09:10pm

    I programmed an Excel macro that would give you a report to easily review the VAT transactions.

    I attach a screenshot and the instructions. Unfortunately, I can't directly upload to the Canvas as an Excel file with programming code is rejected.

    If you interested, leave a message and I will organise to email it to you.