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View sales/purchase code without having to click 'Edit' Merged

It would be good to be able to see what purchase/sales code has been selected on a saved sales invoices/purchase invoice, without having to click 'Edit', because if the transactions are locked it's a pain to unlock etc etc. just to view what sales or purchase code is used, when this could just be displayed along with the Description, Qty, Rate etc.

  • Heulwen Thomas
  • Jan 22 2019
  • Released
  • Admin
    Julie Shepherd commented
    08 Feb 11:54

    Hi Heulwen.  Thank you for your suggestion.  We are currently working on adding the Purchase/Sales code to the normal invoice/purchase view along with any Project details.  This will be included in one of our upcoming releases.

  • Chris commented
    26 Mar 11:51

    This has (at long last) been released - see

    Not sure why this ticket hasn't been merged with that one. (Julie?)

  • Admin
    Julie Shepherd commented
    26 Mar 12:35

    Hi Chris, sorry, I thought I had merged all the appropriate ideas, I must have missed this one.  But yes, I'm pleased to say it has been released today.