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nominal code allocation for certain keywords

When payments come in from an outside source such as Shopify, currently the code is set at 9998 (other) which causes me problems as I then have to recode everything. Could you possibly have certain descriptive keywords which auto-allocate the item to the correct nominal code? For example, when payment comes through for a bag of Bon-Bons could it recognise the word and allocate to '3698 Sweets' as a nominal code? Or perhaps we could include the nominal code in the descriptor for the product in Shopify, so that 'Bon-Bons 3698' would automatically go to '3698 sweets' along with others using the same code, for example 'Tic-tacs 3698'. That would be so helpful.

  • CEO
  • Jan 16 2019
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  • CEO commented
    5 Mar, 2019 01:07pm

    Thanks for your comment but is it possible you have more than the basic package? Also, our payments come in to bank account as a 'Stripe payment', which can encompass many different product lines. I just have to do a little work to put it right, and I am currently living with it.

    My hope was, since Kashflow seems to be able to identify the purchase as 'Book' on the customer invoice, that it might be able to code it as Book too!

  • Guest commented
    4 Feb, 2019 12:50pm

    Sorry if my understanding of Shopify is wrong on how it's imported to Kashflow, but could you not set up a matching rule in the bank account to do this for you? If you go in to 'import transactions' in the account that receives payment, then there's the 'matching rules' tab on that page, which I use to pretty much do what you're saying here, it recognises words or phrases and matches it to a preset nominal code. Not sure if that's any help, but might work if you've not tried it yet :)