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Warning! Bank Feed Is Not Reliable

We have wasted countless days/weeks/months trying to fix problems that bank feed has caused by its automatic matching algorithm after discovering it was mis-allocating or hadn't allocated even when we told it to or showed something as matched when it wasn't or showed something that still had to be processed when we had already processed it through the bank feed. Whilst 90-95% of transactions went through ok the unreliability comes because you don't know invoices are correct and which have been incorrectly matched, so you have to check all invoices again (of which we have several thousand) to ensure they are correct before you embarisingly send out incorrect late payment letters!! We have now switched to the manual inputing of payments directly into customer invoices or supplier purchases and are finding it much quicker and very much more reliable - Kashflow! you need to make the bank feed 100% bomb-proof - we won't be using it again unless you can prove otherwise!

  • Rob Smith
  • Oct 28 2018
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