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Layout Consistency between creating invoices & packing slips online & how they print.

The printed/PDF invoices and packing slips are great but when it comes to creating them the layout is totally different. Online, the invoice number is on the left whereas its on the right on the print outs/pdf. The customer PO online is between the customer name and customer address on the left hand side whereas it is below due date on the right hand side on the print outs/pdf.


Customer Name                                                                                        Invoice Number

Account number (invisible on the print outs/pdf)                                       Invoice Date

Invoice Address (only shows in invoice)                                                    Due Date

Delivery Address (only shows on packing slip)                                         Customer PO number


The above layout on both the online creating page & then the print out/pds would make much more sense + it will add consistency for newer customers to be able to familiarize themselves with your layout.


Currently you have one layout for online and one layout for printed/pdf and it's frankly a bit of a mess.                                                                  

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  • Oct 24 2018
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