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Lock transactions but still allow nominal code to be amended

Once we lock the transactions in Kashflow we can no longer change the nominal code that the transaction is assigned to – we used to be able to re-allocate the transaction to a different nominal code, but make no other changes, which worked well.

We were locking the transactions purely to prevent VAT errors (e.g. to stop the reallocation of payments from one invoice to another which would result in the VAT being declared on the subsequent VAT return again. Another example would be changing the VAT rate from 20% to N/A Kashflow doesn’t reverse the original incorrectly reclaimed VAT).

We would like our clients and us to be able to reallocate a transaction to different nominal codes, but not change the VAT rate/payment allocation. However, now we have to unlock the transactions to re-categorise and then re-lock, which is going to be more time consuming

  • Heulwen Thomas
  • Oct 19 2018
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  • G B commented
    10 Jun, 2019 02:00pm

    You can already do this, but not through the nominal ledger report.


    Go to Settings --->  Chart of Account

    Click on the 3 lines on the right for the code with the wrong postings.

    Tick the transactions in the incorrect code (boxes on right)

    Go down to the bottom where it states 'Selected Items:'

    Change the option from 'Select an Action' to 'Re-Assign selected transactions'

    It will take you to  another screen

    Select the code to where you want the ticked items to get posted

    Click 'Re-assign Transaction'


    This will move the transactions without bring effected by any lock (like the VAT lock)

    Useful for moving misposted items by clients as part of the year end accounts