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Need to import Data from latest versions of Sage

One of the really useful aspects of Kashflow is the ability to import full date from Sage but at present the last version of Sage supported is 2016   I need to import from v24 (2018) but have been advised by Support that this is being worked on and has been in the pipeline for a number of months.   Software supplier needs to keep ahead of the game!    Please get this up to date ASAP

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  • Aug 31 2018
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    12 Apr, 2019 03:23pm

    It is vital to have the import for versions 23 -25 of sage . If you are going to attract the  Sage users who are unhappy about the latest price rises in March 2019  who have moved to v25  as they are on subscription it is vital that we can unload their data.

    I have  been working for the a number  of days  to get the relevant data  from sage into Kashflow, for a client that wants to take all their past invoice  data with them.  When you are looking at thousands  of invoice records you have to do things automatically.  Sages's  SR  transactions for sales receipts  which are unrelated to  invoice numbers to not blend with Kashflows need to have all paid invoices marked as paid  on an invoice by invoice level. If you upload the Invoice  payments to the  customer account then you have to allocate them manually.

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    3 Mar, 2019 04:13pm

    Totally agree.

    Furthermore Sage 50 Essentials desktop edition is no longer supported by Sage, so this would be a key time for Kashflow to pickup new customers. I am now forced to decide whether to move to Sage Business Cloud or another provider. Being able to migrate my existing Sage data will be the determining factor, second even to the price.