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Customer pagination as numbers instead of arrows

It doesn't make a difference to most people, but if you have lots of customers on a certain letter, it's extra clicks than it was before in 'old' Kashflow to reach accounts that are beyond page 2.

Before, you had [1] [2] [3] [4], so if you new you were going to a customer whose name began with Sz for example, you could go to S and click on [4].

Now it's [<] [1] [>], so locating the same customer means clicking on S, then [>], [>], [>]

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  • Aug 22 2018
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  • Julie Shepherd commented
    23 Aug, 2018 03:13pm

    Hi Graham,  which pages are you referring to?  Is this the main Customers page?

  • Guest commented
    23 Aug, 2018 02:58pm

    A bit more info on this one:

    Let’s say you have 120 customers starting with the letter S, from Sandbach to Szerzky. There will be more than one page of S’s (pagination occurs every 35 entries).
    Within the letter S, you are now required to use arrows to go between pages. Which, with 4 pages of S’s, is 4 clicks to get to the page containing Szerzky.
    In ‘old’ Kashflow, instead of arrows, you have numbers relating to the pages of customers. This meant that to get to Szerzky quickly you would click ’S’ then the last page of customers within the S’s, which, with 4 pages of S’s, is 2 clicks.
    Imagine now that you have 1,200 customers starting with the letter S. That would be 35 clicks, instead of 2… which is bad UX in a scalable product.