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Exchange Rate conversion problems on importing from Receipt Bank

Foreign currency purchase invoices can be entered into Receipt Bank (RB) with the foreign currency (typically Euros or US$) and the GBP £ equivalent (ie the amount actually taken out of the bank account).  When imported into KashFlow however KF recalculates the GBP amount and takes this conversion as a 3 decimal rate rather than the absolute GBP amount as entered into RB.  This in turn causes undue frustration on matching during the bank import as sometimes transactions are pennies out and automatic assignment doesn't work.  Further more you have to then go through a small write off or addition for each invoice, tripling the amount of work for something that you have already done.

Please can you correct this anomaly of an accounting system making you spent more time rather than less in entering and reconciling information 

  • Steve Gatter
  • Aug 8 2018
  • Acknowledged
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