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Accepting Payments - Payment Provider Info

Would it be possible to expand the section on the partnered payment providers with extra information on them.


I spent over a day chasing the 5 options you have for further information as it is not easily accessible via there websites (other than Stripe).


For example extra information that would have proved useful is that

  • PayPal Pro Charges £20 per month subscription fee, and then the % & 20p of transactions,
  • WorldPay charge 2.25% per transaction, plus 2p authorisation cost and minimum fees must be £4.99 per month, plus there is a yearly PCI compliance fee of £29.99.
  • Global Pay charge £7 per month, then 1.5%, plus £0.0359 authorisation cost per transaction and there is a monthly PCI compliance fee of £7.

Some of the providers drop the PCI compliance fee if you already use another service, for instance we use Retail Merchant Services / Elavon for our card terminal in house and we already have a compliance certificate.


For some companies that need a payment provider its not going to have a big effect, but for other providers like ourselves we just need a provider for the odd pay by link in an invoice sent to a customer that isn't handled by standard paypal on the web, or by in house payment at our till.


Each of the providers has a special tariff just for KashFlow customers, the numbers you call are general contact numbers so its important that you say you use KashFlow to get the added benefits. - Plus doesn't Stripe provide a payment processing platform that could be integrated into the Payments Screen?

  • Ben
  • Jul 15 2018
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