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Default Payment Type/Method Per Bank Account/Supplier



Would it be possible to allow us to change settings of the default payment type to the bank account and also for some suppliers.



We have a customer 'Till' for our daily take, we receive payment to two different bank accounts in Kashflow, one being "Cash", and the other being "Natwest", would it be possible that when we select a bank account in the payments screen that it can change the default payment method/type, I.E Account CASH changes to Method CASH, and Account NATWEST changes to Method CARD?


Also some suppliers/customers have Credit Accounts. Currently you can select a default payment method, but could it be be that a specific customer/supplier record can also have a default payment account? - This would also apply to companies that use different banking providers to receive money that is then transferred to the main bank accounts - such as Stripe, Square, PayPal etc or even have two or more different bank accounts for there business?

  • Ben
  • Jul 15 2018
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