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Associate an Invoice with a Contact

Great - we can now have multiple Contacts for a Customer

Now can we associate an Invoice (and Quote) with a particular Customer Contact - this would mean

  • the Invoice is marked in some way as being associated with that Contact, 
  • emails to the Customer are also sent to that Contact

Use Case:

My Invoices are usually for subscriptions to a service for a named individual so having the Contact name in the invoice is critical.

I raise an Invoice for a service I provide to a John at XYZ Ltd, I can mark the invoice is associated with John, so I no longer have to mark that in an Invoice Comment line.  John receives Invoice emails as well as the XYZ NHS Trust finance dept, so John can approve the Invoice.

I raise a second Invoice to William at XYZ Ltd, I can mark the invoice is associated with William.  William receives Invoice emails as well as the XYZ Ltd finance dept but John does not.

  • Charles Hewitt
  • May 23 2018
  • Acknowledged
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