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Encryption of email attachments for GDPR purposes.

Invoice attachments can contain personal data which must be protected.  

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  • May 14 2018
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  • Lyndsey Thompson commented
    3 Oct, 2018 10:07am

    I am concerned as it is a requirement enforced by GDPR for secure management of personal information sent by e-mail.  We currently manage this efficiently as a business by password protecting or encrypting e-mails/attachments, however this is not the case when sending invoices and statements via Kashflow and therefore feel that this should be a top priority implementation for Kashflow to undertake otherwise upon our next external compliance audit we may be enforced to rethink our processes which may mean change our accounting software.   

  • Rob Lucas commented
    15 May, 2018 03:40pm

    I agree, this was going to be one of my suggestions.