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Use the Supplier defaults when matching transations from imported bank account

When you are matching a transaction which you've imported from a Bank account and you choose to "Create" a new transaction, you get a screen to choose the supplier etc to log a new expense. 

However, when you choose a supplier, the purchase code and VAT rate stay at the generic settings. This makes no sense. When you select the supplier, this should automatically change the purchase code and VAT as it would when creating an invoice. 

Simple fix, but would save me many clicks when creating purchases at the matching stage. 

  • Gavin
  • Apr 13 2018
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  • Guest commented
    5 Jan, 2019 03:20pm

    agree with Gavin.Very frustrating that you cannot set specific VAT setting for certain account code and supplier. which could be set to avoid error: for example when i create a transaction to apply a payroll payment  to Creditors- wages control account , Kashflow automatically assumes that there is VAT on the amount ( there should not  be VAT on a payroll entry and other entries like interest, travel etc..) and Kashflow should be able to default to the correct VAT setting when posting to certain account  automatically. Too easy to make mistake and more time consuming to create entries

  • Gavin commented
    13 Apr, 2018 03:45pm

    BTW, this goes with creating transactions and invoices as well. Currently, for example, adding bank charges defaults to 20% VAT.