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A shortcut key to bypass some selections.

When I am doing monthly statements, I have to select a customer, choose statement, select the settings (eg no date range, don't show paid invoices, don't show starting balance) and then I send the statement as an email. For the next customer, I have to go back (to 'money owed to you' in dashboard), and go through it again. I would like to pick a customer and press a shortcut key. This would bypass the default settings in 'Statement' and take me where I want to go, in less than half the time.

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  • Mar 1 2018
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  • Julie Shepherd commented
    28 Sep, 2018 07:22pm

    Hi Graham, you can send statements for multiple customers at once from the new Customers dashboard.  Select which customers you wish to send statements for by clicking the box and then choose either Print Statements or Email Statements from the Select an action drop down list. You will then be taken to a screen to choose your options for all the statements at once saving all the repetition you mention.