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Option to hide the 'Next/Previous' invoice/purchase arrows at the bottom

The new 'next/previous' purchase/invoice arrows at the bottom of the screen take up too much screen space.  Not everyone uses large screen resolutions, particularly those on the go who use ultrabooks for example.

I am sure the arrows may have use for some people, but not for everyone.  The ability to skip to the next purchase or invoice seems redundant given that most of the time there's no point in viewing the next chronological purchase.

If we can at least have the option to disable it that would be great.

EDIT:  As you can see from my screenshot attached, the 'Add a payment' button is now almost out of sight because of the new arrows and requires me to scroll down now, slowing my workflow.  This is on an ultrabook with 125% scaling.  I appreciate not everyone is affected by this but some versatility would be nice.

EDIT #2:  It makes more sense to have the arrows at the top next to the KF purchase/invoice number as in the second screenshot.  They are far less intrusive up there.

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  • Feb 22 2018
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