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When I open a purchase receipt, I cannot see the purchase codes unless I am editing it. I would like to see the purchase codes without having to do this.

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  • Jul 20 2017
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  • Ben commented
    11 Jan, 2018 04:19am

    I use the suppliers part number as the purchase code for a lot of products, to view this when not in the editing screen, or when I am using a purchase receipt as a purchase order, i find it is easiest to add the code to the description.

    I.E Purchase Code = BAN01 / Description = Large Loose Bananas. / The Description of my products read "BAN01 - Large Loose Bananas"

    A work around of the limitation of the system - the same goes for product code/name look ups under the purchase codes lookup. Difficult to implement when you already have hundreds of items :-(