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Collect Billing Address on Stripe

Recently I had an issue where the company address (which I invoice to) was different to their card billing address which caused payments to automatically fail.  It would be a good idea to collect the Customers Billing or Card Address when processing payments online with stripe as often with small businesses they do not have a Business Credit/Debit Card but a personal one.

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  • Jun 7 2017
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  • Tony Byng commented
    19 Oct, 2018 11:25am

    I have reported this problem to support and after about 10 days of waiting eventually got an answer back of "that is how it is designed".  The thing that confuses me is that the code is there - KashFlow just havent switched it on!!!! If you look at a stripe payment page in source code, you will see all the code to ask for the card holder address and allow the customer to change it and the only thing it looks like KashFlow need to do is to change the "hidden" to "visible"  on that div. I've enabled it within developer tools and it all looks good which is why I figured it was a bug. I cannot believe someone as professional as KashFlow would develop a stripe integration and ignore the fact that the card address may not actually be the address on the account. 

    So Kashflow appear to have paid their developers to add the code to the page but someone forgot to switch it on but  "thats how its meant to be!!"


    Im now even more concerned that this issue has seemingly been there of well over a year. Either no one else uses the stripe facility or they dont have the "reject payment if the card address doesn't match" security functionality ;-(