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New bank feed matching rules causing annoyance

Hi, a recent "enhancement" to the matching process has been to extend the options for searching for an unpaid invoice, which now includes Overdue (part paid) Overdue etc, where as before the option was just "unpaid". At the point of matching, clients are unable to remember which invoices are overdue, and certainly unable to remember which invoices are only part paid. Hence they are typically thinking that they just can not find the invoice they are looking for to match (because it isn't showing up in the unpaid list, and they are not adept enough to understand they now need to search on overdue/overdue part paid). Is there a way of still having overdue/overdue part paid appear in the more simple unpaid list. If not can this be flagged up to the development team please, as it is causing a lot of people annoyance. They feel it is a retrograde step.

  • Paul Meadows
  • May 24 2017
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  • Heulwen Thomas commented
    June 28, 2017 13:27

    I agree, it's useful to have the additional filters on the 'matching' screen, but ideally I would want an additional option which will show all invoices that have an outstanding balance (regardless of whether it's part paid, overdue or unpaid).

  • Stephen Barker commented
    August 05, 2017 10:40

    Yes, I agree. It makes no difference if its part paid, overdue, overdue part paid - if it's outstanding then it's outstanding - the rationale of why or how long is completely irrelevant