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Illegal transactions

  • Nick Robinson
  • Feb 27 2017
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  • Nick Robinson commented
    27 Feb, 2017 09:46am

    Sorry for blank description!   We have recently had an issue where our Kashflow trial balance went out of balance. There were a couple of causes, both identified and resolved by support but one of them was down to the fact that we had a new person processing sales invoices and customer payments.   We are a Scottish Professional Football club and sometimes we have deals whereby organisations receive a number of hospitality places in exchange for services rendered e.g. our local gym gets so many places at hospitality a year in exchange for our players using their facilities.

    The sales ledger only allows settlement via a bank account (unless we raise a credit note) so we have what I call "Contra Settlements Account" set up as a bank account.  Our new lady had dealt with such invoices by raising the invoice with a line for hospitality as usual but then putting a second line on the invoice with equal and opposite negative figures coded to Contra settlements account, thereby effectively creating a "nil" invoice.   She should of course have put through a "payment" using the contra settlements account.

    Kashflow cannot handle a line in a sales of purchase invoice coded to a bank account and so creates a one sided entry, putting the trial balance out.

    My suggestion is that the sales/purchase invoice processing screens should not allow illegal entries.  Likewise there should perhaps be an easier way of dealing with contra settlements.  Most companies will have odd examples of dealing with other organisations as both a supplier and customer with net payments being made.