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Full system backup

Thre really should be a way of recovering a totally lost accounts system, I know it is hard to actually delete everything but the current emailed backup is pretty useless other than just about covering me for the very basic accounting records. 

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  • Jan 20 2017
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  • Chris Lansdall commented
    14 Jul, 2021 12:24pm

    All systems should have a backup and restore function to protect from loss or corruption of data, or the loss of the service.

    If a security incident wiped the Kashflow data, is there a backup somewhere that could be used to restore it for all affected clients? Could the backups themselves be corrupted during a security incident? Are the backups tested at any point?

    If the answer is no to any of these, then customers should have an option to be able to backup their complete dataset to a 3rd party platform in a generic format, so that they can take their own measures to protect their data, so that it is available if or when required.