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integration kashflow and payroll

As you are clearly trying to integrate Kashflow with Payroll, I do feel it would be helpful therefore to find more than the journal entry within the body of Kashflow - e.g. a summary somewhere of amount paid to employees rather than having to go back to payroll (in the format that I can easily find of what is paid to customers and suppliers).

I hunted and hunted for an overview of what was being paid in wages and ended up setting my employee up as a supplier which is not best practice. I eventually did find the journals link but iven the clarity of the presentation elsewhere in Kashflow I must confess this looks a bit like an after thought..but wages bills are obviously key to running a small business.


Would also like to be able to get back from payroll to Kashflow much more easily - there is no simple link

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  • Jan 10 2017
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