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Custom Fields - Drop Down Boxes and Defining Their Location

Understandably you can't build a system that suits all customers, hence the ability for us to create our own "custom fields".

Currently we can create tick boxes or text boxes, could we also have a third option for drop down boxes so that we can define the responses.

Can we also have the ability to then define what tab these fields appear in, at present they will only appear then in a separate tab named Info or CIS.

Example, I would like to create a drop down selection box for customer type i.e. retail, wholesale, installer etc. This I would like to place in the Contact Details tab, for easy of use, not hidden away in another tab. I would then want to be able to create a report that allows me to use this custom field i.e. print list of all Wholesale customers.
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  • Jan 10 2017
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